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Ezee Dam

Ezee Dam is a window pan dam system we've designed to direct rain and condensation out of the window pan area towards the exterior of a buildings' envelope to drain and protect the window pan sill area. It provides a secondary line of defence against the water ingress, mould and rot that plagues standard wood-shim window installation ... and its really easy to install. 

  • 10 year warranty against damages caused by water leaks in the pan area. This is backed by an insurance policy that covers you when Ezee Dam is installed as per manufacturers instruction with an approved peal-and-stick flashing membrane and silicone sealants.
  • Now a recognised product of Build Green Canada
  • The only window pan system that contributes points for LEED credits
  • Meets the requirements for Window Installation best practices for BC for the Fenestration Association

We've received international support from many organizations, including  IBI Group and Mike Holmes of the Holmes Group.


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