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EZEE DAM provides the homeowner a gaurantee against rot and mold in window / door pan area which is most prone to building envelope failure

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Home Owners, Dealers, Window Manufacturers

We train your sales team to effectively educate your builders & home buyers of the damage and cost a leaky window / door will cause

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Leaking Windows & Doors

EZEE DAM is a back dam system that gets installed in a window or door pan area. Our installation kits that contain all the components for a complete window/door install. Life time guaranteed and insured by LLoyds of London that water ingress in the pan area will not cause structural damage, mold or rot to the building structures. It is paired with flashing tape to prevent rot and mold. It also prevents structural damage. Our kits/system costs in just pennies a day per window or door based on the tenure of builder's warranty.

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About Us

Whether you are a builder, architect, engineer, homeowner, dealer, or window manufacturer, EZEE Dam is a remarkable product that offers proven benefits for you. A system that costs little and installs almost effortlessly, it's the only product of its kind that guarantees against the development of rot and mold in a buildings structure, the failure often originates in a window and doors pan area.

Employed in countless successful projects since being introduced in 2012, EZEE Dam has quickly earned the confidence and support of recognized professional Contractors like Mike Holmes as well as sustainable building organizations like BuiltGreen™ and the Green Building Council.

Gord Stewart, Senior Construction Contract Administrator of architectural giant IBI Group says,

"He considers the EZEE Dam product line as a welcome addition to help fulfill our current and future design requirements and further that he will take every opportunity to recommend the EZEE Dam products to designers, building envelope consultants, constructors and clients alike."

For Builders

Guaranteed System
Zero Liability
Celebrity Endorsed
LEED-Points Eligible

EZEE Dam is the only system of its kind that checks all the boxes.

For Everyone

For dealers, manufacturers, and homeowners, EZEE Dam is guaranteed to prevent water ingress causing rot and mold to a buildings structure often originating in a window or doors pan area—the most failure-prone area of any structure.

Effortless Installation

It's about as EZEE to install as you can get! With just a few simple steps, your windows will be protected against water ingress—for life. Checkout our installation page for more details on how to install Ezee Dam

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  • Very cost effective
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Custom builder programs
  • No waste, increased production
  • Sales programs / Builder support
  • Approved product of Built Green, receiving points
  • Meets all requirements for window and door installation best practices
  • Only window / door pan system that contributes points for LEED credits
  • Creates thermal break in the window / door pan meeting net zero energy efficiency requirements contributing to "U" value in the window / door assembly

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Service Area

Since 2012, EZEE Dam America Inc. has been spreading the word of this remarkable Window and Door installation Kits. Whether you are a builder who is interested in offering homebuyers the ultimate benefits of EZEE Dam's remarkable technology for their biggest lifetime purchase, or a potential dealer who wants to learn more about stocking and selling EZEE Dam to your customers, we would love to hear from you. If you reside or do business anywhere in North America, we will be standing by to respond promptly to your request for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits and savings to be realized with the use of EZEE Dam, please send an email to contact@ezeedam.com so that we can confirm our product, customer service and marketing support availability in your area.